Not sure what to do now, you contemplate your next decision.\n[[Do nothing.]]
This letter. You love this letter.\n[[Type another E]]\n[[Type a Q]]\n[[Type a Y]]
Unfortunately Andrew's E-Mail is filtered, he only recieves direct mail from the president. If only there where some way to get through his filter...\n[[Luckily I'm a trained hacker]]\n[[Luckily I'm an electron]]\n[[Luckily I think twice before assaulting a police officer]]\n[[Luckily I'm the president]]\n[[Luckily I'm Stephen Fry]]
Welcome to Super Puzzle Platformer Key Quest!\n[[Start Quest]]
[[Enter the Matrix]]
You open up the @int_main tab you've had open since you first installed your superior internet browser of choice. What's this? \n\nXB69F-IWYY7-B7CHA\n\n[[Could it be? A steam key!]]\n
And Andrew already sent you a code. Well, not so much sent it as yelled it at you excitedly from a crowd of crazed fans. At least, you're pretty sure that was Andrew. \n\n42AB2-I9TLC-LQ60D\n\n[[Could it be? A steam key!]]
And you're one of the best. Still, the presidents E-Mail is gonna be a tough one to crack. You turn off the lights and set your command terminal to be black with green font. You're ready.\n\n[[Type an E]]\n[[Type a Q]]\n[[Type an X]]
You type a E with such burning confidence that you stop for a moment and retrospect about how you got so awesome at hacking.\n[[Type another E]]\n[[Type a Q]]\n[[Type an underscore]]
AN A. AGH! How couldn't you see it before, it was so obvious! A for Andrew! With cunning brilliance, you enter the letter A into your terminal. \n\nTHE TERMINAL EXPLODES WITH COLOR! YOU'RE IN! \n\n[[Damn I'm good.]]\n[[Wait I have to pee]]\n
In response to: !Add 6 Inches in 6 Minutes!\n(\n\ndeer 6 inches,\nsorry but i am adequit i dont need ur inches. beside i am\na busy man i dont hav that kind of time\n\n u can have a key for my steem gameee tho\n\n B77T7-Y6FK4-H905P\n\nlove uuuuuuuu\n-- -a ndreu \n\n[[Could it be? A steam key!]]
Mostly hate mail, but wait... What's this?\n\n[[RE: super puzzle toys and merch]]\n[[RE: mom play my gameeeeeee]]\n[[Outbox: !Add 6 Inches in 6 Minutes!]]
Do you ever! You've been meaning to do this for a while, but you kept getting distracted. This is it. This is what we live for. As you pee, you reach a level of relaxation far surpassing any human bounds. In your state of complete peace, you close your eyes...\n\n4KN5D-ALP7B-C3CH7\n\n[[Could it be? A steam key!]]
You're sitting in front of your computer.\n[[Wait Anxiously]]
You sit anxiously in front of your computer wait[[i]]ng for the new Cool Puzzle Platformer update! \n\n[[No.]]
How can you even go wrong with a letter like X. You typed it before this even came to mind.\n[[Type a Q]]\n[[Type an E]]\n[[Type a W]]
You complete your quest for a free copy of Super Puzzle Platformer! Now bask in it's warm glowy glow.
And as an electron, you can easily travel through the internet and arrive in Andrew's inbox. \n\n[[Enter the Matrix]]\n[[No.]]\n[[Wait I have to pee]]
It's like a space, but it's better. With an underscore you can say with confidence, "I intend there to be a gap here." You didn't just forget to put a character, you MEANT to type this whitespace.\n\n[[Type a Q]]\n[[Type a T]]\n[[Type a C]]
You surprised even yourself with that move. You're so close now you can feel Andrew's inbox in your soul.\n[[Type an E]]\n[[Type an A]]\n[[Type a Q]]
andrew,\nwhat is "steam"? i typed it into the google but i got back too many results. are you still making games? come home andrew, your mother loves you. we can help you. you need sunlight :(\n-mom\n\n In reply to: mom play my gameeeeeee\n mommmmmmmmm hiii\n i made a game cald super puzzle playformer its on steam\n can you pls play it i dont know if its good pls pls\n \n QTYTE-0M9Z5-4J9GV\n\n love uuuuuu\n -- -andru\n\n[[Could it be? A steam key!]]
Sweat rolls down your forehead. Almost there...\n[[Type an E]]\n[[Type an X]]\n[[Type a T]]
You vapourize instantly into a cloud of energy.\n[[Do nothing.]]
and the president always gets what he wants. BOOM.\n\nDNW66-GGH6E-73F2I\n\n[[Could it be? A steam key!]]
It's not even a concious decision, you're so sure of what your doing you don't even need to think about it.\n\n[[Type an E]]\n[[Type a W]]\n[[Type a T]]
T. For good measure. \n[[Type a Q]]\n[[Type an X]]\n[[Type a W]]
What did you even do before you where hacking terminals? You've been at it since you where a baby.\n[[Type a Q]]\n[[Type an underscore]]\n[[Type a Y]]
No you said to yourself, I simply cannot wait any longer. I need to have this game right now. \n[[Check Twitter]]\n[[E-Mail Andrew]]\n[[Wait Anxiously]]\n
You have an eye for highlightable i's. \n\nW2XLV-DECP9-AEQTZ\n\n[[Could it be? A steam key!]]
You forget what you where doing and leave to relieve. \n[[Enjoy taking a pee]]
Now that your in, it's time to take a look at Andrew's inbox. Cause why not? \n\n[[Read E-Mails]]
Well, they probably have now.\n[[Wait Anxiously]]
It's a steam key! A beautiful, charismatic, and distractingly majestic steam key. You take a moment to appreciate its beauty, it's curves, it's form. This is a real steam key, you've never seen one like it in your life. There's something about a real steam key you know? You can just feel it. These letters, these precious, unique letters hold the key to a free game. Like a snowflake, or a poorly run Mc Donalds, no two are the same. \n[[I hope no ones taken it yet]]\n[[I got it!]]
Dear Mr. Morrish\nWe appreciate your interest in our company, but unfortunately we don't accept Steam keys as payment for our services.\n\n In reply to: super puzzle toys and merch\n toy man hiiiiii\n i hace a game i call super puzzle platform i was wonder\n could you pls make toys for it i will give u a steem key for\n my game \n \n VEGNE-BYJPL-JAVCM\n\n love uuuuuu\n -- -andru\n\n[[Could it be? A steam key!]]