Plugin CC Automation crash

Is GENNY missing something? Or more likely is it BROKEN? Discuss it here!
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Plugin CC Automation crash

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Hello! My name's FM6 (a.k.a EdyGH36), one of the members of Deflemask.

Your Mega Drive add-on is basically a Deflemask and FMDrive killer because of the patch channel mappings based on MIDI channels which means I can
access to the MIDI Polyphonic Expression when using OpenMPT, the fake dynamic stereo for each FM channel and of course, the Ladder Effect! :D

Yesterday, I encountered a bug when trying to automate your VST version of the plugin. The direct parameter changes doesn't seem to work, for example automating the SSG-EG modes or the operator envelopes so I decided to use the CC to control the parameters of the plugin. On 32-bit, when the MIDI learn mode is activated, everytime I perform a CC change, indifferent when on Renoise or OpenMPT, the plugin crashes itself. And on 64-bit, it's even worse. Worse that it will also crash the DAW.

I would like to kindly request for you to create a direct automation support for any other audio workstation software just like the FL Studio has.

Thank you for understanding!
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