Saving patches doesn't work

Is GENNY missing something? Or more likely is it BROKEN? Discuss it here!
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Saving patches doesn't work

Post by celiasaintjust »

It seems that this board has been abandoned, but I'll try anyway.
I'm using the latest version of Genny, 64 bit, with Renoise. All the export options are broken: the files are not created. Also, there apparently is no way to change the names of presets.
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Re: Saving patches doesn't work

Post by Vaia »

I'm running Genny V1.16 VST on a Win64 machine in REAPER.
Import/Export of instruments work like a charm, but I was also unable to rename them within the VST.

This isn't a Genny-specific tip, but If exporting doesn't work, make sure you have folder permissions (to see if that's the case, you could try saving the file to something like a USB-drive)

In case you do manage to export the instruments - you can also use the already existing ones -, you'll have to use a hex-editor to rename them (see attachment)

You need to change three things:
1a) Count the number of letters you want to write + 1 ("Vaia" would be 5)
1b) Enter them in the 5th bit, the one that says "0E" in the screenshot as hex value. has an inspector pane to the left, where it will automatically convert the entered number to hex.

2) If your name is longer than the one already inside the preset, delete a few bits from the beginning of the name, otherwise, insert a few at the end of the already exisiting name.

3) Click on the first letter of the name and start typing ( will work like that, not sure about other editors)

4) Make sure that the byte following the last letter is zeroed; it already should be there from the previous patch (in hex: 00)


If you did everything correctly, and save the hex-edited patch, it should now be renamed inside Genny.
Patch renamed to "Vaia"
Patch renamed to "Vaia"
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Original File in
Original File in
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